"Fuck compose, Fuck melody, Dedicated to no one, Thanks to no one, ART IS OVER".
-Juntaro Yamanouchi


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JUNE 2003:

No news, but much of the artwork & information from the "Gay Sex Can Be AIDS", "Kitanomaru Hyakkei" & first edition of "Night" have been added to the site.

Sometimes people email & ask for track listings. We used to send people to the discography page at thegline.com but now it has been taken down & a link redirects you to this site (thanks!). So some of these have been posted for various releases where the tracks are not obvious from the review. Credit for all of the new "seperate" tracklisting pages goes to Gline.

Finally, please also note that Istvan's email has changed from yahoo to hotmail.

MAY 2003:

Be sure to check out the review section as much more was added recently!

Full Volume Agency in Japan has released an international compilation titled Background Music for Midnight Driving which features Gerogerigegege on it, along with seven others including Martin Rev (Suicide) and Somatic Responses. This is the label of occasional Gero member Shobu Saito (Mamarracho) and they also released the Saturday Night Big Cock Salaryman CD in 2001.

APRIL 2003:

the German label MEMBRUM DEBILE PROPAGANDA is scheduled to release a new Gero 7" titled something like "Autoaccidents and Masturbation". It will be limited to 33 copies but no word as to when its coming out. This label also released the yasukuni jinja 7" in 1996.

S.O.A. Records in Italy are releasing a 3xCD set documenting the early days of the label. Its called Old Days Nostalgia and it reissues old 7"s from Anal Cunt, Man is the Bastard, 7 Minutes of Nausea, End of Silence, & many more (23 bands in all). The Gero classic "Yellow Trash Bazooka" will be featured on it so if you don't have the 7" then here's your chance!! Its supposed to be out this month...


IRRATIONAL ARTS will be re-releasing the Gerogerigegege CD album "Singles 1985 -1993" next Spring/Summer as IR003. It will have new artwork and be in a digipak format. The title will be "Singles Volume 1 1985 -1993." Volume 2 will following in the winter of 2003.

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