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B-001: Three Centuries of
Harpsichord Making
B-002:The Historical
Harpsichord, Volume I
B-003:The Historical
Harpsichord, Volume 2
on backorder
B-004:The Historical
Harpsichord, Volume 3
B-005: Harpsichord
Regulating and Repairing
B-006: Keyboard Musical
Instruments in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
B-007: The Equal-Beating
New CDS:
CD-024 Christoph Graupner,
Three Suites
Geneviéve Soly
$21 Postpaid in USA
CD-023 A Harpsichord Recital
Takae Ohnishi
$21 postpaid in USA



Additional CDs

CD-001 Virtuoso Scarlatti
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-002 The Music of Armand
Louis Couperin
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-003 Bach with Pluck!
$21.00 postpaid in US
CD-004 Bach with Pluck! v.2
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-003 & CD-004
Bach with Pluck 1&2
$39.00 postpaid in USA
CD-005 Integrale des six
Concertos pour deux claviers
$22.00 postpaid in USA
CD-006 Musical Portraits
from the Salons of Paris
$22.00postpaid in USA

CD-007 J. C. F. Bach Trios
and Sonatas for flute, oboe and harpsicord
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-008 Um Cravo Ben
Variado, The Well Varied Harpsichord
$22.00 postpaid in USA
CD-09 Donald Angle on Harpsichord
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-010 Viva Italia!
Elaine Comparone, Harpsichord
and the Queen's Chamber band
postpaid in USA
CD-011 Harpsichord Magic
Don Angle, Harpsichord
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-012 Bach, Bach & Bach
Marina Minkin and Michael Zaretsky
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-013 Rebecca Pechefsky in Recital
Rebecca Pechefsky
postpaid in USA
CD-014 The Cat's Fugue and Sonatas
for Solo Harpsichord
Elaine Comparone
postpaid in USA
CD-017 J.S. Bach: Goldberg
Kenneth Cooper
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-018 Muffat: Componimenti
Joseph Payne
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-021 Stringalong
Don Angle & Anne Carter
$21.00 postpaid in USA
CD-022 Girolamo Frescobaldi:
Toccate, Partite Capricci and Other
Works for Harpsichord
Louis Bagger
$21.00 postpaid in USA


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